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Rad people putting Confluent Goods to use in the out-of-doors
Ira Wolf and Lee Henke | @irawolfmusic @leehenkemusic @rubyvanzand
Ira and Lee are talented musicians that tour around North America together in their beloved Westy, Ruby Van Zandt. We met them when they played an amazing house show in our hometown.

"We've been getting good use of the towels so far and I have to say, we're huge fans! I really love how quick drying they are, and you were right about them not getting smelly. Also, they are super compact, and the roll/tie up technique is super helpful for keeping them organized in our bags. The size is also perfect - they aren't so small that I feel like I'm using a dish towel, but they aren't so big that they take up too much space in the van. 

Stacie Vanags | @salted_spirit
Stacie is the host of the Salted Spirit Podcast, a podcast for international waterwomen defying the status quo as it relates to mind, body and spirit, and working to leave a positive impact on the ocean. Her mobile recording studio is her 1985 Westfalia Vanagon, and you'll often find her sliding waves at Venice Breakwater or Malibu. Stacie also served as Chapter Chair for Surfrider Foundation, Los Angeles from Jan 2018 - Jan 2020. She loves to use her Confluent towel after surfing waves in Southern CA, or taking a dip while camping in places like Yosemite.
"Since Confluent was added to my repertoire, I can't imagine using any other towel when traveling into the wilderness. It stands for everything I believe in, which is making minimal impact on the environment whenever possible."


Trent Hodges

Trent is the Conservation Programs Manager at Save the Waves Coalition. His work takes him around the globe, protecting coastal areas so that future generations can enjoy the places that we all love. Often, these places have a quality surf break, so he gets a chance to get wet and he always brings a towel. 

"This is such a great product. Simple, functional, and sustainable. It’s silly to think that travel towels made from plastic are actually a thing still. These towels feel good on your skin, pack well, and dry easy. I take mine everywhere with me."


Jennifer Savage
A true ocean and coastal protector, Jennifer makes sure to spend as much time as possible in and by the sea. She is the California Policy Manager at Surfrider Foundation.
"I like my towels like I like my people – versatile, dependable, attractive, a friend to nature and able to fit neatly into my life. So far, my eutowel is all those things! I've stretched out on it at the beach, dried off after surfing and even used it as a sarong post-session. I'm on the road all the time, so I appreciate how nicely it folds up. And of course I'm happy that my eutowel is free of plastic and chemicals, made in the USA and likely to last a long, long time. Yay, towel!"