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the plastic microfiber problem

the issues that gives us purpose

plastics and microfibers

Plastic pollution is a global problem. Why? Because plastic does not readily biodegrade, and it persists in the environment. Plastic impacts the health of wildlife, humans, and the environment at large. In the ocean it affects marine life because it tangles and suffocates, and soaks up toxins and then is consumed by animals as it is confused for food. Sometimes we eat fish, and we eat plastic. About 50,000 plastic particles a year according to research. 

What does this have to do with clothing? Each year, plastic-based synthetic fabrics are making up a greater percentage of global textiles, currently up to 60%. Recent studies show that up to two thirds of micro-plastics found in the ocean comes from our clothing. Today, plastic pollution is visible in every community, and most notably in our waterways and oceans. Fortunately, many organizations and apparel companies are working to solve this problem, and creating ways to capture some of the synthetic micro fibers (plastics) before they are released into the environment. 

chemical dyes and finishes: As outdoor enthusiasts, we are fortunate to spend a lot of time in beautiful places and form valuable connections with our surroundings, both in wild and urban environments. Many outdoor clothing and gear items are coated chemical dyes and finishes (some of which as banned from production in the USA and EU). As a result, studies are finding chemicals from finishes (water repellant, stain-proof) in our bodies and nearly everywhere in the environment, including the arctic circle.


change isn't easy, and we aren't solving the problem. 

But we're hoping to inspire a shift in the right direction. We see this immense challenge as an opportunity to look upstream, and offer alternatives to synthetic products so that people have a choice when they buy clothing and outdoor goods. Confluent Goods is a small, light, and agile brand that is going plastic-free from the start. In addition, we pledge 100% transparency in all of our products, down to the threads, dyes, and packaging. 

We do this because this is the direction we hope that other companies in all industries will follow. We hope you'll join us on this exciting adventure!