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definition of confluent

  1. adjective: flowing, coming together, meeting, or gathering at one point
  2. noun: tributary stream

Confluent Goods is a mission-driven company, and we believe in the role of business to create common good. 

Our Mission is to design products that create and inspire healthy connections between goods, people, and our environment.

It began when we took a close look at what we wear and use outdoors. We found a lot of petrochemical fabrics that are dyed and coated with chemicals. We also learned that in washing our synthetic base layers, towels and fleeces, they shed plastic microfibers that end up in rivers and oceans. Digging a little deeper, we also learned that the textile and apparel industry causes an insane amount of pollution, from growing conventional cotton and extracting fossil fuels for polyester, to harsh chemical dyes dumped into waterways, to landfill waste. As water people, we weren't stoked to learn about the negative impact of textile production upon our water resources throughout the world. Learn more here

We want to help create a new cycle and a clean supply chain. In terms of sustainability, we asses the entire product life-cycle; from how the fibers are grown, how the product is used, and what happens at the end of it's life. We are committed to plastic-free and chemical finish free products, and to create goods that are durable, functional, and minimize impact upon our planet and its inhabitants. 

We are starting small and dreaming big. 

We stand by the perspective that nature knows best. Many natural fibers contain the performance characteristics that we need to thrive outdoors. Both cellulose-based (plant) and protein-based fibers (animals) can wick moisture, thermoregulate, dry quickly, shed water, breathe, resist bacterial growth, and feel great on the skin. 

We are inspired by a background in professional outdoor guiding, environmental and conservation work, and a lifelong passion for creating things. We like to work hard, ski powder, surf, and run both rapids and trails. We like to stay connected; to people and our planet. We are committed to creating clean, safe, and solid goods. 

We also believe in something that we call The Stoke Cycle. Interpret how you please.


 -your friends at Confluent Goods